As we give thanks, can the bulls break out to new highs again this week?

As we give thanks, can the bulls break out to new highs again this week?
Weekly Market Focus Report
Mark Twain
"If a fellow isn’t thankful for what he’s got, he isn’t likely to be thankful for what he’s going to get."
Frank Monroe Clark, former U.S. congressman (December 24, 1915 – June 17, 2003) 
Welcome, to all our current and recent subscribers!  I am glad you are here, and want to thank you for joining me on my trading journey.  I have been a student of the markets through good and bad times participating as an active self directed trader in the markets since spring of 2002.
I hope that you will find much value, and enjoy reading the "Weekly Market Focus" report.
My goal is to go easy on the hype, by providing fresh content demonstrating "where the market is now" using broad market volatility trend analysis, coupled with market insight based upon my years of market research and technical analysis, in hopes you too may find the edge you are seeking in finding success with your trading endeavors
I got into doing my own trading, after turning over a sum of money into an account with a recommended full service broker in the late 90's, just at about the same time our first son was born, while reading from a publication to trade a specific strategy.  It all sounded good to me, like it would be a good way to grow the capital.
After some time had passed, my account was losing value, while the broker was generating a nice sum of money for himself in sizable commissions.  I thought to myself, the only one making out in this deal is the broker.  Something had to change.
Wize Trade
One night, while up very late, I saw a commercial to attend a local seminar in my area to become a "wize" trader.  All I would need to do is follow the green and red signals.  Buy on green, sell on red.  Sounds easy enough.  After attending that webinar, and forking over another what seemed to me to be a sizable sum of money, I was determined from that day forward to become a successful trader of the markets.
Does this sound familiar?
In the last 18+ years, a lot has changed, while much still remains the same.
WizeTrade - Greatest Show on Earth
WizeTrade doesn't appear to be in business any longer, but I have to say, their 2 day retreats in Dallas back in the early 2000's were something to remember. 
DCC Americas Sweethearts
What a show they put on, filled with everything from Zig Ziglar and his most motivating presentation, to Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, doing kicks in their high boots with short shorts all while throwing out bright lime green miniature footballs with WizeTrade insignia imprinted on them to all those in attendance.

Today we will be discussing the following topics: 
  • What is the most recent Weekly Market Sentiment?
  • What might our Market Cycle Volatility Trend be telling us?
  • The question now becomes:  Where might the markets go from here?
  • What are several top stocks that I am trading some others to have on bullish watch list?
Let's get going!