Publisher Bio

Q3 Trading is a personal trading blog created and written by Thomas R. Hutcherson.  Mr. Hutcherson has a passion for the markets, participating through direct access trading technology since spring of 2002 primarily trading stocks, options, and futures markets for his own and proprietary trading accounts.

In 2019, to figure out a way to better understand the broad markets, he created several trading tools, including his own unique bar charting style, as well as several algorithmic trading systems which provide risk based trading signals with trade management.

His trend analyses tools aid in helping him determine the underlying trend of any instrument, as well as, and most notably volatility and trend combined.  

When utilized on the broad markets, his volatility trending tools have been shown to demonstrate where the broad markets are in terms of current trend and volatility relative to the past. 

Through this web site, he provides a newsletter with a focus on market cycle volatility trend analysis in an effort to assist those that are interested in successful self-directed trading.

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