vTrend (volatility trend)

The four stock market volatility cycles are as follows:

  1. up / neutral trend transitioning to a potential stronger up trend
  2. stronger up trend with lower volatility
  3. down / neutral trend transitioning to a potential stronger down trend
  4. stronger down trend with higher volatility

VTrend is our volatility trend paint bar and indicator tool suite.  When put on an index, such as the SPX with daily or weekly data, it combines what we believe is a snapshot of the current trend of the underlying with a measure of volatility in an easy to view and use for top down market technical analysis.

In this way, the astute trader can quickly and easily understand what is the current state of the overall broad markets.  This is important to know for potential market shifts and whether to be more bullish, bearish, or whether to be hedge or not for an overall portfolio perspective.   

aTrend (accurate trend)

The trend of the market, a stock, futures, etc.. is very important to determine.  An uptrend is defined as higher highs and higher lows.  A down trend is defined as lower highs, and lower lows.  But when is a trend not a trend or transitioning?  Sometimes it's not always easy to see on a chart.  And when is a trend just starting?  Wouldn't it be great to know this quickly and easily?

ATrend is our proprietary tool suite that clearly paints the picture on the chart.  When put on an underlying instrument, a trader can then clearly find the up trend, down trend, and when there is no clear trend or neutral trend.