Interactive Brokers Clients Earn Up to USD 4.58% on Their Instantly Available Cash Balances.

Continually a 5 star brokerage firm, with decades of experience, Interactive Brokers is one of the best.  With a funded account at Interactive Brokers, one can trade or invest in stocks, options, futures, and more through multiple exchanges around the world.

They also offer a simulated trading account included with all their brokerage clients, which is ideal to practice when you are just starting out day or swing trading, or for practicing new ideas or strategies.

I have a brokerage account with Interactive Brokers and thought you might be interested in opening your own account with the firm.  Because I am referring you, you can earn up to USD 1,000 in Interactive Brokers Stock (NASDAQ: IBKR)


When you start your application, you will be notified you are completing an application as a referral. If you do not receive a notification, your application will not be eligible for the Refer a Friend incentives.

Referred Payout Details

Referred accounts will receive $1 in IBKR shares for every $100 of value (cash or other assets) added to their account for up to $1000 worth of IBKR shares. The average balance must be maintained for at least 1 year for the shares to vest and be accessible.

Just like any other profession, you should first develop your skills, to find your "edge" in the markets, before putting your funds at risk.  Click Here to learn more or to view their complete feature set of brokerage offerings.

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