What might be a good resource for helping you to be building your stock watch list?

Last week, in our weekly Market Focus Report, I discussed one of my favorite type of trading setups for day trading.  This week, I am going to show you what might be a good resource for your research.

The service is called Market Club.  If you don't know what Market Club is, that's fine and not surprising, but I am here to tell you that they have been around for a very long time, over a decade 10+ years and still around today, so they must be doing something right?

In fact, I had used the Market Club "trade triangle" service, combined with timing my entries and exits, using sound risk management, scaling in and out of multiple contracts in the futures markets some years ago.
How did I do?
Well, I was doing so well with it, I actually built a futures trading service that ran for a while on Collective2 where I took a $10,000 starting simulated account balance and more than doubled it to $20,000 producing over 100% return in less than 12 months.  The only reason I stopped the service is:

1.  I had met my goal of 100% annualized return in < 12 months and
2.  To devote more of my time to building automated trading strategy aglos
Thursday afternoon, I was looking in one of my email accounts, thumbing through some old emails I had from a few years back, and this was one of them from Market Club that I had received back on Monday, November 30th, 2020:
After readintg the email, I thought to myself, "I wonder how these two stocks performed over the next 3 months after Market Club sent these to me on that day ... And how would my swing trading stock algo have performed if I had taken the stocks, and placed them to trade for swing trading multiple days using some predermined Reward:Risk parametors?"

Holding both stocks from the open price of the following day, a full three months doing nothing more, selling both stocks at the open after a full three months FCEL would have produced a 8.15 point gain, ACB would have produced a 1.07 loss, however with diversification on both stocks, we would have had a 7.08 POINT NET GAIN.


That's pretty good return for doing nothing more than buying and holding a stock for 3 months.


Can Market Club help you in your trading?  I don't know the answer to that, but if you struggling, or looking for a good value on where to do some research, and are interested in checking out Market Club, they are a legit outfit, have produced some pretty good tools for market scanning over the years in my opinion, and I personally have found their "trade triangles" one of the better tools on the market for timing entries, at least in the futures markets from prior experience.

Click here for a free trial, and to find out more details, and to check them out if interested in possibly taking your trading to the next level.