Trade Stocks?

Learn how to protect your investments with free options coaching!

Over the years, I have learned to trade stocks, options, and futures, in that order.  It wasn't easy, I was excited when I was first learning and would make my first $100 in a trade, and then went on to make much more, but also had many losses over the years as well.   (Most traders don't tell you about those!)  But it's true, anyone that has been trading the markets for more than 10+ years has surely had some battle scars to share.

After all these years, one resource that has stood out above all others is Power Options.  I consider it one of my "secret weapons."  If I am looking to put on stock trade, for more than one day, I typically like to look to see what might be the best strategy to use, maybe it's a married put (which is like buying insurance on your stocks), or maybe if I am trading in one of my smaller accounts, it's a calendar call spread (which requires much less capital than buying stock, provides some level of risk protection, and will still provide a decent return over time), or maybe it's just buying some calls or puts outright if I am looking for a large move in a short amount of time.

With Power Options, I can quickly discern from all the available option strategies which ones make the most sense to execute.

The best part of the Power Options service is their "free coaching."  It has been an invaluable tool over the years.  They are always friendly, and approachable, and provide exceptional value for their service.  Give them a call, or sign up today, and make sure tell them Thomas sent you!  :)