Q3 Live Trade Coaching

Successful trading takes time and practice.  With so many opportunities in the markets, which trades make the most sense to take?  Are you ready to take your trading to the next level?

Hello, my name is Thomas Hutcherson, and I have been an active trader in the markets with over 2 decades of experience.  I started trading the markets during the dot com bust back in 2002, and have seen it all, trading stocks, options, and futures markets.  I know what a long learning curve it is to trading the markets.  I have founds my niche.  If you are struggling, and want to find consistency with your trading, then me and my trading team are here to help you.

Join us for 2 hours of live trade coaching Monday - Thursday, 4 days / week, where you get reinforce the 3 principles of successful trading in our live trade room.

What are these principles?

  • Qualify your trades
  • Quantify your exposure, how much risk to take
  • and thern latstly ... Quarterback your positions!

===>  The Q3 Advantage = Qualify + Quantify + Quarterback

It all starts with following a proven process that gets results.  Our group coaching sessions run from Tuesday through Thursday, starting at 8 CST and ending at 10 AM for a FULL TWO HOURS.  We keep our group small by design, so that we can focus on you, our coaching students, while still able to focus on trading the markets at the same time.

What and where do we focus:

Will the markets be moving higher or lower?  

First, we build out our daily watch list - what stocks might make our list of "top stocks" for trading?  Each day is different, so we want to research to be ready!

Second, we must implement The Game Plan: to get an idea of what type of trading day to expect.  Where is the SPY.  Are we going to gap up or down to start the trading day?

We then watch the open, especially the first 15 - 20 minutes, to get an idea of where the market may be headed next, managing current positions, and getting our platform ready to take on new positions we might be considering.

These days, and especially at the open, the markets move quickly.  Our edge is our computerized trading strategies.  With the opening bell we then utilize only our best algorithmic trading strategies, letting it do the heavy lifting for us where we look for major market moving stocks that may be running higher to start the day trading strong momentum movers.

We then review our current holdings, updating our alerts, and managing any positions which need our attention, or taking stops.

Do we have any other setups that are worthy of our attention?  If so, we review what may make for a new position to take on the day.

Lastly it's important to know what a good looking portfolio with limited risk looks like, so we review our overall portfolio risk and do one last review of the markets as a wrap up.

Pricing includes a minimum of 36 live trade coaching sessions, 2 hours each, 3 days / week, 4 weeks / month for 3 months, for a total of 72 hours of coaching!

Sign up now, and join us next Tuesday to take your trading to the next level.

Piricing is USD $720 + $21.6 processing fee = $741.60 (non refundable).